SOILTOPIA is an easy to use effervescent tablet containing enough bacterias and fungis.

SOILTOPIA is an all-natural soil probiotic.
SOILTOPIA contains the beneficial bacteria and beneficial fungi found in healthy, productive soil that helps you to grow bigger and better plants!
Repair your soil today by replacing the natural soil biota that is lost to chemicals, heat, cold, fire, drought, and frost.

The beneficial bacteria and beneficial fungi in SOILTOPIA will help you grow bigger, more healthy plants using less nitrogen fertilizer.
The organisms in SOILTOPIA products are non-toxic, safe, and natural.
NO GMO’s and NO Pathogens!!!

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Grow bigger.

'SOILTOPIA' is a product that uses microorganisms that are live bacteria.

It is growth activator that can restore the soil that has been desolated by excessive fertilizer use and cultivation to its previous state.
It can be applied not only to vegetables but also to crops such as grains, fruit trees, and gardening.
One Soiltopia tablet can be sprayed on an area of ​​1000㎡.
At this time, the amount of water is not accurately determined, and you can prepare the appropriate amount as usual as you can spray or irrigate the target area.

As you can see from the data, 6 types of bacteria and 4 types of mold are the core of this product. Ten beneficial microorganisms are dormant in a single tablet of 'SOILTOPIA'.
Among the tens of thousands of natural microorganisms, only beneficial and essential bacteria and fungi were selected.
And the microorganisms that have entered this dormant state will continue to be effective even if stored for 3 years in the current state in a dry packaging.

When SOILTOPIA is dissolved in water and sprayed as prescribed, each microorganism grows to at least 10 billion and permeates up to 1 m deep.
These 10 effective microorganisms return the current soil to the living land.

The result is a strong root ⁄ stem ⁄ leaf. And the absorption of nutrients from the ground is maximized smoothly, and resistance to various diseases is increased to maximize the prevention effect.

The use of this product increases the quality and quantity of the harvest, so you can expect an increase of 30% to 40% compared to before and after use.
Finally, if the current crop is diseased, treat it using the pesticide, and do not use this SOILTOPIA with fungicides. This product should be maximized when using this product about a week after the disinfectant is used.


Grow bigger with SOILTOPIA

  • Produces Plant Hormones

    helps plants grow bigger

  • Increases Root Mass

    larger roots = stronger plants

  • Reverses Root Oxidation

    makes old roots fresh

  • Replaces Beneficial Organisms

    killed by chemicals, heat, drought,

    fire, flood, erosion, cold and frost

  • Restores Biota Balance

    of beneficial bacteria and fungi

  • Prevents Biota Imbalance

    that can cause crop failure

  • Degrades Organic Material

    makes nutrients available to plant

  • Processes Nutrients

    make nutrients more soluble & mobile

  • Increases Moisture

    in soil around roots

    reduces stress from drought


Bacterias and Fungis

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